What better way to mark a childs first birthday than a wonderful cake smash but how to choose the right person for the job?

Things to consider…..


It’s probably best to travel to your photographers studio for this as its going to get messy and an experienced photographer will have all the right types of flooring and backgrounds to cope.

At the Brookfield Photography studio in Redditch we like to get a nice clean first birthday portrait before the messy stuff starts. Its a perfect opportunity to make the most of the studio time booked.

The Cake

This is a most important part of the shoot (after the birthday model naturally), the wrong cake will make the shoot far less of a success. So pick a colour it doesn’t necessarily need to be pink for girls and blue for boys but we find at Brookfield Photography that these are the most popular colours.

The cakes used in a Brookfield Photography Cake Smash are each made specially for each individual shoot. Colours are decided at the time of booking and particular care is spent making sure that the lucky child doesnt have any food allergies so we can be sure the cake will not be an issue to our little models.

Debbie is a fine baker and if you want to see or even taste her work why not check her out https://www.facebook.com/DeborahGuestCakes/ .


Props are a tricky one really because too many can complicate the scene and too few can look a bit sparse. Some studios insist on only using their own props but some Mums & Dads like to personalise the shoot with their own accessories like Baxters Mum did for example. We liked this, super cute!

We like to personalise the props too rather than going for an off the shelf prop we will use companies like Mini Jacks who will make props to our specification which gives Brookfield Photography and our customers a really unique product to look back on for years to come.

A great example of this is the “ONE” in the background of this shot that was made for us by Mini Jacks https://www.facebook.com/Minijacks01/?fref=ts


Well planning doesn’t really happen because babies will do what babies will do! Having an exe nursery nurse on the team however ensures that the shoot will be an enjoyable experience for all involved including Mum & Dad!

Safety is paramount so the cake stand is perspex, the child is on the floor and can’t fall off it, the cake is made specially for that individual child and Mum is always close at hand throughout!

What we don’t know in advance is if the your child is a `face planter’ or not? Either is great for some memorable photographs.

Christmas Face Planter

More of a hands on approach

Clear up

You just can’t go home with all that sticky cake everywhere so why not take a dip in the tub before you leave. Most of the Brookfield Photography Cake Smashers do, they seem to love it!

Your babies are only little once and it would be a shame not to catch these moments while you can they will of course be fantastic to show a future boyfriend or girlfriend one day eh?