Choosing a newborn baby photographer is difficult. Lets face it you only get one chance to do this because to get those lovely sleepy poses your baby needs to be under 14 days old so you dont have time to try out different suppliers.

So how do you choose a newborn baby photographer then?

1. Check out some work and see if you like the style. Photography is a subjective thing and what one person likes another will not. It’s human nature.

This adorable image came about because his father is a keen music fan and had his head phones with him for the shoot and they became a prop.

2. Talk to your potential photographer to find out what kind of experience they have. Are there things in their history that make them particularly well suited to capturing images of your baby?

Kay, our newborn photographer is great with children, before she picked up a camera professionally she was a nursery nurse and has a knack of putting babies at ease during the shoot.

There are tricks to getting baby to sleep for our camera and Kay knows them.

3. Have a think about where you want the shoot to happen. Studio or home ?


Pros and cons for both locations are worth considering. At home may or may not be a quiet environment if there are other sibling wanting to “help” this can be a distraction but similarly can be endearing in an image too. Is the lighting at home sympathetic to a newborn shoot? It may be difficult to travel so soon after giving birth particularly if baby has been delivered by c-section and so home may be the best option.

We love this lifestyle newborn baby portrait shot in the family home with big sister being very sweet.


The studio is a very controlled environment with known lighting conditions. It can be very quiet as the only people in the room for newborn shoots tend to be Mum , Dad , Baby & Kay. Baby is sometimes not that quiet but once baby is fed and changed things usually settle down sooner or later and once in a deep sleep baby can be handled to generate images that delight.

All Brookfield newborn shoots are baby lead. If babies don’t want to cooperate they are not forced the comfort and safety of the baby is paramount.

4. What sets this photographer out from the others, is it photo editing skills? Taking the picture is just the start of the process it must be then edited to ensure the image stands out or if you like “pops”

5. Do you want to be in the picture too? Some people absolutely do not want to be in the image and some do. It is however very possible to be part of the picture just using some of you. Dads arms for example….

Or perhaps you very much want your first family portrait together that make great gifts for Grand Parents after all.

6. Cost is a real consideration. There is a old saying that rings true, “you get what you pay for” and generally it is true. Shop around, the cheapest may be a false economy that will not deliver for you and as I mentioned in this blog post you only get one chance to do this because your baby will grow quickly and the opportunity is lost. Expect to pay for the photographers time, new born shoots can last several hours which eat into studio time.

Once the shoot is over and the images are available to see hopefully you will love them so just check before the shoot that the print or JPEG resale costs are not too high. It would be a pity to see images deleted because of affordability.

7. Reputation is key. Speak to people who have used the photographer you are interested in, google them, see if there are any reviews on social media. Do your homework because if there are disappointed or delighted customers around they will probably have mentioned it on line somewhere.

Hope this helps you make the right choice for you.